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EDT July 28, 2015

Browns Factory Family members Aquatic Center(Image: 11Alive).

Officials intend to resume Browns Factory Family members Aquatic Center by Thursday.

The news that some swimmers might have been jeopardized outraged Commissioners, specifically Nancy Jester, which stated she was misguided when she asked parks as well as entertainment officials regarding the near drowning and also voiced problems about lifeguard qualifications-- issues that were raised during 11Alive's investigation into UNITED STATE Pools, which is also referred to as USA Management.

On Tuesday, DeKalb Area commissioners listened to first-hand that around 16 Browns Factory Pool lifeguards really did not show evidence of accreditation after the June near sinking incident. He additionally said the lifeguards asked to leave Browns Factory swimming pool since they were treated with an absence of respect after the near-drowning-- just before the county finished the contract on Tuesday.

11Alive found a past history of security complaints against the firm including claims of insufficiently trained lifeguards.

U.S.A Pools has actually had the Browns Factory agreement because 2008 but region authorities couldn't state when they had last got proof of lifeguard certification as well as called for once a week follow-up training.

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"I asked the inquiry, 'Are we compliant below,' as well as I obtained an e-mail, 'Oh yes they are all licensed" however it turns out they're not," Jester claimed. "It's quite disheartening to obtain incorrect details when over a month ago when I asked the question.".

Could reacted, "There was an implemented contract and that agreement was cancelled today.-- The Browns Factory Family Aquatic Facility temporarily shut its doors after DeKalb County finished its contract with the company in charge of staffing lifeguards at the pool.

Swimming pool agreement terminated by DeKalb Area after near-drowning.

John Williams, a representative for UNITED STATE Pools told 11Alive's Valerie Hoff that he did offer qualification records for all 50 lifeguards and he's not certain why the region asserts that's not the situation. "I went there as just recently as Saturday and also they had 10 therefore we need to do an audit to see were we paying them more compared to they were actually supplying.".

Pool operator accused of safety infractions.

In e-mail to 11Alive, the lawyer for UNITED STATE Pools competes there is no valid agreement for Browns Factory Aquatic Center for 2015 that's been performed by both parties.

Might is now requiring an audit.

11Alive Team, WXIA 6:47 p.m. The contractor additionally got a letter from me notifying them that they remained in default of the contract a variety of days ago ... so I find it a bit ironic that they're now claiming there was not a contract.".

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Business in DeKalb near drowning has Atlanta contract.

"They were contracted to have 18 lifeguards on website," May said. DeKalb authorities: Accredited lifeguards do personnel county pool.

For weeks, 11Alive has actually been examining U.S.A Pools after a teenager almost drowned at the Browns Mill Swimming pool.

Witness states lifeguard at region pool couldn't swim.

DEKALB AREA, Ga. Chief Executive Officer Lee May says that's a blatant violation of its agreement.

The swimming pool is closed while DeKalb County tries to find lifeguards to finish out the summer.

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